Our kitchen

Good appetite from Fidelio

Kindness, beauty, quality, style: this is fidelio in a nutshell, Paola and Francesco’s new challenge, the very close couple with a lucky personal and professional partnership, who, after the happy experience with the “Piazzetta” in Matera, have decided to extend their borders setting up the ambitious project of fidelio , with the aim at realizing, like before, not only a mere restaurant, but also a traditional meeting place. In the kitchen simple yet scrupulously selected dishes are enhanced, a real banquet of colours and taste which feasts not only one’s appetite.
A wide selection of local grilled meat and sublime easy to digestslow rised (72 hrs) pizzas , a philosophy of life and thought, rounds off the gastronomic delights.
Paola and Francesco welcome you to their world made of kindness, good taste, selection of raw materials and produces, attention to details and love of nature.
Enjoy your meal at fidelio, the restaurant of emotions !